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Her father, Konrad Valentine Hellriegl was born at Bilovec (Wagstadt) in 1822 as one from 6 kids. His mother was Barbara Bernhauer from Luck, and father Matheus Hellriegl. 
The first trace of Florentine is birth of her son-Leopold Thomas at Opava (Tropau) in 1884. He died in 1885 at Hlubocec (Tiefengrund). At Opava were born Johann (1888) and Marie Stefanie (1890) too. Johann died at Tropau in the age of 1 year.
and Tropau
Hlubocec is very small village near to Opava and Wagstadt. It is the place where Marie Stefanie has lived and where her daughter - my great grandmother was born. 
Florentina had  one more child-girl-that was born at Hlubocec in 1886. Her name was Anna. 
Girls stayed at family Grygar. According to the census were Grygar family without own children and acquired illegitimate children and foundlings. It is miracle that Anna and Marie Stefanie survived. As only two children from ten kids that found second home in Hlubocec no. 95.




It was said in our family that Florentina had left Tropau when Maria Stefania was 2 years old. According to the analysis of childrens stay at Hlubocec I realised that the only year when Maria could come is 1892-when she was 2 years. 
After very long and heard reserch were the passenger list of Florentina found. She arrived in New York in 1892. She married widower Answald Angoli in 1892 or 1893. They had eight kids.
Florentine died in Milwaukee in 1955. 
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It is only few information about Florentina and her Czech family. If you are interested in her story or have interesting news do not hesitate to contact me!  >>
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